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Aluminum Extrusion Top

A system had been designed to control the total activities of production right from the input of the material till the final output. A complete system based on principle of costing had been designed to do accounting of movement of material from one process to other. Along with this major objective, full proof integrated system for material procurement, dispatch, store handling and financial accounting has also been designed.

Cement Manufacturing Top

A system for proper distribution of finished product to the dealers and its accounting has been developed.

Courier & Cargo Top

A system for proper handling of consignment from the point of booking till its final delivery along with tracking system of the consignment movement has been developed with hte help of bar codes. The system had been customized for each client.

Engineering & Manufacturing Top

For the clients of this industry tailor made integrated MIS system covering Procurement, Inventory, Dispatch/Sales, Payroll and Financial Accounting activities had been developed.

Export Houses Top

A system for apparel manufactures & exporters had been developed having features like Production Control, Job Control, Pre-shipment & Post-shipment Documentation along with other common modules like Procurement, Invetory and Finance.

Finance Companies Top

For this industry the sysem to appraise the lease & hire purchase financing and control of proper realization procedures had been developed to reduce the risk factor before it gets turned into bad debts.

Housing & Infrastructure Construction Top

MIS system with project management to monitor the progress of project in hand along with site accounting, material management, labour management had been designed with the help of standard costing principles to monitor the day to day progress of each projects in terms of man, material and time. The system also helps in projecting the future requirments based on the shedules of the projects pre-stored at the start of the project along with the fund flow statement.

Jute Manufacturing Top

MIS system involving all functions of the mill right from the stage of procurement of raw materials and stores till production planning and sales has been developed for this industry. The system takes care of all intermediary activities like payroll of workers and staff and accounts also.

Plywood manufacturing Top

For this industry also we had developed a kind of small-customized ERP system.

Power Industry Top

A system for project based material procurement and billing system along with post value added bills and complete project cost monitoring system has been developed.

Transport & Cargo Top

Consignment tracking, on-line booking and delivery system integrated with other day-to-day activities of organisations.

Jewelers Top

Cataloging & Design Management product, JewelCat2000

Schools & Educational Institutions Top

Student/Employees Identity