AG Software & Hardware Consultancy Pvt Ltd (AGSH) was promoted by Alok K Goyal with a vision of providing customized software to clients at affordable cost and incorporated the same in July 1990 with the Registrar of Companies, Kolkata. He has always followed the principal that success generally depends upon knowing how long and what it takes for the client to succeed.

AGSH is today one of the oldest and experienced company in the IT and IT enabled services in Kolkata.AGSH believes in creating value for its customers and realizes that satisfaction of customers is directly proportional to strengthening and foundation in the industry.

The driving force behind the success of AGSH is the passion for development. With a professional setup engaged in continuous up-gradation of technical and marketing network the company is an enigma in the field of digital revolution - a fact born out by its dynamic presence in the market over the years along with a set of customers willing to swear by its products & services.


The main promoter of AGSH is Alok K Goyal, 45 years of age, having more than 21 years experience in the field of IT and IT enabled service. His enterpreneurial talent, zest for expantion and publec relation skills are the main reasons behind the company's success story.

Mr. Goyal, a science graduate from Calcutta University, and Intermediate Certificate holder from The Institute of Cost and Works Accounts of India, has developed his programming skill by his own personal abilities and with the help of reading books and doing research work of his own. He has developed proficiency in Networking and Communication and exceptionally good in Syytem Study and Design as per the specific needs of the clients. Because of his Costing background he is very good in analythical system devepoment work and had developed a number of customized ERP for industries in Local Market.

He had started his career by working as System Administrator for Transport Corporation of India Ltd Group at their Eastern Region Head Quarter and during this period he had taken special training on FORTH under the guidance of University of TEXAS and Professor Brady (Author of the language). FORTH is being used maily for programming industrial automation equipments where calculation of fraction of time is more necessary. Because of this background he had successfully devepoed the software for India's First Automatic Multilevel Car Parking Plaza, installed in Kolkata and received the repeat order for development of software for the similar project in Kolkata, e.g. India's First Automatic Underground Multilevel Car Parking Plaza at New Market, which is operational at the moment.

He was joined by his brother, Mr. Pulak Agrawal, aged 33, a finance professional having more than 18 years of practical experience in the field of finance and administration. He is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a Certified Public Accountant from the Americal Institute of Certified Public Accountants, USA. He has also completed his Diploma in Advance System Management from NIIT, Kolkata.